Date Leaders and Observers Students
Sunday 7 July Arrival and registration Arrival and registration
Monday 8 July Official opening ceremony, discussion and translation of theoretical problems Official opening ceremony, Excursion to Dyrehaven [fun and games] Dinner at Bakken.
Tuesday 9 July Tour at Niels Bohr Institute (NBI), walk in Copenhagen, Canal Tour, Visit at Carlsberg Theoretical examination. Tour at Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) and HC (including entertainment lectures)
Wednesday 10 July Discussion and translation of experimental problems Free time in Copenhagen, Excursion to Tivoli (Sciencetalents) - making experiments at the amusements
Thursday 11 July Excursion to Louisiana and Kronborg, Midterm party at DTU (S-Huset) Experimental examination. Tour around DTU (Technical University of Denmark) - Science show, history of technology, eco-car, Center for Electron Nanoscopy, radio dead room. Midtermparty at DTU (S-Huset) with live band ("Ddspop patruljen")
Friday 12 July Excursion to Copenhagen City Hall, free time in Copenhagen Excursion to Experimentarium, Copenhagen City Hall and Tivoli Friday Rock (artist: Marie Key and Fallulah)
Saturday 13 July Moderation Excursion to Roskilde Viking Museum, Roskilde Cathedral and Lejre Museum. Pizza in "Kongens Have".
Sunday 14 July International Board Meeting, Official closing ceremony, Closing party at DTU (S-Huset) Free time in Copenhagen, Canal tour, Official closing ceremony, Closing party at DTU (S-Huset)
Monday 15 July Departure Departure